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about lift

Lift Group are a team of leading independent management and finance consultants that specialise in the area of profit maximisation and cost reduction . Founded in Melbourne, Lift is now expanding across India helping organisations of all sizes, across all industries, grow and thrive.

 In our experience, companies with management teams that are well-versed in profit maximisation strategies have the ability to thrive in any economic climate. If handled properly, these strategies have the capacity to transform organisational profitability and bring stability and focus to any business.

We have experienced consultants across all business areas, including: finance, informational technology, human resources and marketing, our strategies are second to none. Our clients  feel secure in the knowledge they are getting genuine, independent advice at all times.

When our services are engaged our only purpose is to provide the highest quality of service and deliver the greatest profit maximisation to our clients. It is this philosophy that continues to drive us to produce the highest results.


Dr Kamal Khurana PHD

Managing Partner

Kamal is a dynamic leader who uses innovative approaches to help clients achieve the highest level of success in business. He started his career in psychology as a human behaviour / relationships expert, then later successfully translated his expertise into a business environment.

His focus is on delivering tangible and measurable business results and has successfully mentored leaders is companies including: Kroll India, Bank of America, American Express, Vodafone and Amway.

Whilst most management professionals are big on ‘talk’ Kamal delivers a practical, no-nonsense approach to business, and his sole focus is delivering his clients profits.

Vishesh Bansal

Partner / General Manager

Vishesh is a highly sought after management expert and lawyer who possesses a vast of wealth of knowledge. He has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes.

He possesses significant experience working with entrepreneurs and established companies guiding them in capital raising, mergers, acquisition and is always commended on his attention to detail.

Vishesh has great experience at solving complex business problems and helping businesses of all sizes effectively optimise resources, and can be contacted for a discussion at anytime.

Book Now | FREE 360° Profit Maximisation Audit |  Delhi / NCR

*Instant Callback*